• Broilers :

    Ekol has a wide – range feed additives to improve feed quality and provide cost effective, safety broiler production. Our technical team is well equipped and experienced in serving least cost formulation.
  • Laying Hens and Turkeys :

    Ekol has built up a complete product range for providing good egg shell quality, improving performance, producing organic egg, controlling bacteries under hygienic environment.

Beef & Dairy

  • Beef :

    Ekol offers innovative, green products to the beef –cattle feed producers and the farmers to optimise daily live weight gain.
  • Dairy :

    Ekol’s products play an important role in milk production efficiency and fertility.


  • Sea food production is rapidly growing in the world. Ekol’s products make a difference with the organic alternatives. Products care diseases, mortality and weight gain to assist safe and high quality production.