Our suppliers

Adisseo, being one of the most important vitamin producers in Europe, is the main source of the vitamins as such and used in the premixes.
Desert King International is the largest manufacturer of Yucca and Quillaja saponaria products. Most of their products are based on natural plant extracts.
Optivite specialise in designing, developing, manufacturing of drug free, environmentally-friendly products for enhancement of feed quality. We’re cooperating with Optivite as a partner since the establishment by following product lines: Enzymes, organic acids, antioxidants, toxin binders and Omega 3 sources.
ADM is one of the leading aminoacid producer in the world. Their processing techniques help to create nutritious feed products which yield superior results in poultry, cattle and specialty species.
Evonik, is the leader in Methionine market. Their strengths are creativity, specialization and reliability. Evonik operates in attractive areas of specialty chemicals, where they rank among the world’s leading companies.
Phytosynthese is expert in plant exracts. Phytosynthese develops natural anticoccidials and performance enhancers for effective, safe and healthy animal feed.
Carotech has focused in manufacturing natural feed additives for animal health and nutrition. Carotech is the largest producer of natural carotenoids in the world.